Prediction Institute 

Key Benefits

Reduce return and administration

Cassandra is based on statistical models specifically designed for single copy sales of newspaper and magazines. By determining the economic optimal number of units required at each sales point, Cassandra is able to reduce the return to the most profitable level.

Cassandra is extremely easy to use, requires minimal training and can significantly reduce administrative hours.

Market insight

Cassandra comes with a Business intelligence module that enables you to simulate various circulation distribution strategies, and directly see the market impact of each strategy in terms of sale, return and service degree – and the economical consequence.

Even with a very limited single copy sale, Cassandra saves us about € 130 000 annually in reduced returns—and this has not affected our sales.

–Poul Skøtt
Sales and Marketing Director,
Danish Daily Politiken 

More Benefits

No Expert Knowledge Required

Cassandra is always delivered fully fitted for the customer publications. The product is very easy to use and requires no special IT or statistical knowledge to use.

Easy Knowledge Sharing

The statistical module makes it easy to extract historical data such as sale and return percentage in a graphical form or as datasets. Like the other parts of Cassandra the statistical module is easy and intuitively to use.

Easy Implementation

Cassandra is an off-the-shelves cloud-based solution (SaaS). It requires no further development or retooling and no server hardware at the customer side.

Payment Model

Prediction Institute has flexible finance models which accommodate your business needs. There are no hidden or unexpected costs, no extra service fee, no upgrade fee, etc.