Prediction Institute 

What is Prediction Institute?

Prediction Institute is a Copenhagen, Denmark based software development firm specializing in making focused statistical solutions and making them easy to use.

What is Cassandra?

Cassandra by Prediction Institute is a Single Copy Sales management tool developed specifically for (and in corporation with) the publishing industry with newspapers and magazines in mind.

What is the purpose of Cassandra?

The primary objective of Cassandra is reducing cost in Single Copy Sales. Secondary benefits includes increased Business Intelligence.

Why Cassandra?

Cassandra is made especially to Cut Cost in Single Copy Sale. It is not cluttered and bloated with unnecessary functionality. It is easy to install and operate; no special IT or statistical knowledge is needed. It has a proven track record of substantial cost savings.

What savings is Cassandra providing?

Cassandra has a documented annual savings of approx. 1 million € for a single newspapers with around 6.000 outlets and a daily circulation of roughly 60.000. In addition the number of hours needed to operate Cassandra has been reduced substantially compared with hours needed for the same process prior to Cassandra.

In what way is Cassandra superior to other similar products?

Cassandra has been specifically designed and developed for the purpose of handling Single Copy Sales for newspapers and magazines. It does this very well. We’re content to let other companies with extensive (& expensive) statistical software suites do a million things, as long as we’re doing this particular thing better than anybody else.

Why was Cassandra developed?

Cassandra was made upon request from the biggest Single Copy Sales newspaper in Denmark (part of JP/Politikens Hus) to Cut Cost in Single Copy Sales, i.e. made for the newspaper industry in cooperation with the newspaper industry.